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CORE Lecture: Varieties of Expertise

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On 9 November, Eri Bertsou from University of St. Gallen will give the lecture Varieties of Expertise as part of the Core Lecture series.



The programme for the core lecture series for the Autumn 2023 is:

  • 14 September: Dialogue with the Dictator: Authoritarian Legitimation and Information Management in Putin's Russia - Hannah Chapman (University of Oklahoma)
  • 28 September: Generations and electoral change in Western Europe - Thomas Jocker & Wouter van der Brug (University of Amsterdam)
  • 19 October: Measuring Digital Society - Steven Wilson (Brandeis University)
  • 9 November: Varieties of Expertise - Eri Bertsou  (University of St. Gallen)

All seminars are held on Thursdays 14.00-15.30 in the Sampol Meeting room (2nd Floor), and are open to all. 

If you wish to receive invitations to the CORE Lecture Series, you can send a request to Alexander.Verdoes@uib.no