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Corruption and Political Support in Iceland

How did the banking crisis affect Icelanders’ political support and perception of corruption? Gissur Erlingsson, Richard Öhrvall (Linkøping U.) og Jonas Linde (Sampol) gives you the answers in a recently published paper.

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The banking system in Iceland collapsed in 2008 and sent the country into a serious financial crisis. Clientelism and other forms of behaviour related to corruption have been suggested as background for the crisis. Erlingsson, Öhrvall og Linde makes use of survey data to analyse how the economic collapse affected political support and the perception of corruption in Iceland.


Political support has plummeted and public evaluations of the extent of corruption became the most important determinant of support. The findings call into question the validity and reliability of frequently used measures of corruption and governance.


The paper is published in Government and Opposition, p. 1-27, 2015.