Department of Sociology

Economic Sociology

Economic sociology is a central field in classical sociology. At the Department work has been done on themes such as economic power and inequality, trust and distrust in economic relations, corruption, the role of financial institutions in the economic system, the consequences of economic liberalisation and increased competition, new types of public regulation of economic activity in a globalised economy, the relationship between natural resources, environmental problems and the economy, and changes in consumption patterns.

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Forskere og forskningsfelt

  • Money and finance/ financialization (Odd)
  • Capitalism (Odd)
  • Forms of capitalism and their history (Isak)
  • Socio-ecological systems (Odd)
  • Capitalism and ecological stewardship (Odd)
  • Resource management (Odd)
  • Political economy (Odd)

Research projects

  • There are currently no externally finaced research projects