Department of Sociology

Social inequality

Social inequality is central in Sociology. What produces social inequality, how are goods and disadvantages distributed in society and what are the consequences? Inequality is studied with the help of different perspectives and methods.

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Researchers and research fields

  • Class and stratification (Johs, Hans-Tore)
  • Class struggle (Isak)
  • Elites (Johs)
  • Economic inequality (Odd)
  • Social mobility (Johs)
  • Occupational prestige (Johs)
  • Gender and class in life courses (Ann, Hans-Tore)
  • Discrimination and racialisation (Jan)
  • Qualitative studies of class and mobility (Ann)
  • Mobilization (Jan)
  • Youth, life courses and inequality (Jan)
  • Poverty (Hans-Tore)
  • Exclusion (Susanne)
  • Hiring processes (Lisa)


Research projects

  • There are currently no externally financed research projects