Department of Sociology

Working Life

The changes in working life have been rapid in recent decades, and many aspects of the way working life is organized are changing. At the department, employees work with different aspects of the development of working life from different perspectives and methods.

Main content

Painting Bergen
Emil Weatherhead Breistein

Researchers and research fields

  • Immigration and labor market affiliation (Thomas, Karen)
  • Young people's careers in education, working life and the welfare state (Thomas)
  • Labor market careers for groups with health problems (Thomas)
  • Unemployment (Thomas)
  • Professional prestige (Johs)
  • The labor movement / trade union movement (Isak)
  • Trade union organization (Ole Johnny)
  • Work-life relations (Isak)
  • Labor policy (Ole Johnny)
  • Vocational education and structure (Ole Johnny)
  • Gender and work (Ann, Karen, Lise, Anja)
  • Wage work over the life course (Ann, Anja)
  • Careers and kobs (Ann)
  • Marginalization (Hans-Tore)
  • Labour market theory (Hans-Tore)
  • Recruitment processes (Lisa)

Research projects

  • There are currently no externally financed research projects