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Frequently Asked Questions - Full-text document in Cristin

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How do I upload a publication in Cristin? 

Why do I need to upload articles in Cristin? 

UiB’s goal is that research articles should be openly available for all. This is in line with the Norwegian government’s goal that all publicly funded Norwegian research articles should be made openly available by 2024 and with requirements from funders such as The Research Council of Norway and the EU. 

The national guidelines for open access requires that research articles must be deposited in a suitable academic repository, irrespective of the publishing channel and when or if the article can be made openly available. Articles that are uploaded in Cristin are automatically transferred to UiB’s open research archive BORA and made openly available if the license or journal/publisher permits it. 

Do I need to upload a full-text document of all my publications registered in Cristin? 

It is only required to upload academic articles in Cristin, not monographs, anthology-chapters or conference proceedings. 

A full-text document must be uploaded for all academic articles registered in Cristin, regardless of the articles being funded by The Norwegian Research Council and EU or not. 

What is the author’s accepted manuscript of an article? 

The author’s accepted manuscript of an article (also called postprint, AAM) is the last version of the article that the author sends to the journal, after peer-review, but before being type-set by the publisher. It contains all revisions made during the peer-review process.  

The accepted version will often be in Word or other text formats. 

An accepted manuscript is not the same as a "page proof." You provide the publisher with the version that is accepted. The publisher then provides you with a page proof for review just prior to publication. 

How do I find the accepted manuscript of an article? 

There are several ways in which to locate the accepted manuscript of an article: 

  • Search your email, computer hard drive, and cloud storage (most relevant if you are the corresponding author). 
  • Contact your co-authors. 
  • Log into the journal's submission page and retrieve a copy of the accepted manuscript. 
  • Contact the journal by email and ask for a copy of the accepted manuscript of your article. 

Why do I have to upload the accepted manuscript and not the published version of the article? 

The goal is to make as many research articles as possible openly available. Most publishers will permit authors to make their accepted manuscript (AAM) openly available, while making the published version (Version of Record/VOR) of an article openly available will most often not be permitted.  

If an article is published open access, you can always upload the published version. The published version may also be uploaded if you are sure that the publisher permits this version to be made openly available. 

In what format should the article be uploaded in Cristin? 

It is possible to upload different file formats in Cristin. However, it is recommended that Word-files or files in other text-formats are converted to PDF before they are uploaded. It is also recommended that comments and proposed changes (track changes in Word) are incorporated and deleted. 

If possible, all parts of an article (text, figures, pictures etc) should be merged into one document. But it is also possible to upload several files on each article in Cristin. 

Who is responsible for uploading the article when it has several authors? 

All authors (from UiB) have a responsibility to ensure that a full-text is uploaded, but it is only necessary that one of the authors upload the full-text document once. If a full-text document is already uploaded, you will see a notification when you click on “Deliver full-text document” in Cristin. 

What happens with the article after it is uploaded in Cristin? 

Articles that are uploaded in Cristin are automatically transferred to UiB’s open research archive BORA. The University Library will consult the journals’ or publishers’ open access policies and articles will only be made openly available if permitted by license or the journal/publisher. If an embargo is required, it will be added in BORA.  

If it is not permitted to make an article openly available, it will not be made available in BORA.