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The Library Board

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The library board is the library's highest executive body, and is responsible for developing library services for the University of Bergen. The board debates and decides all matter of major concern to the library operations, such as:


- strategic planning

- annual budgets

- main allocation of library funds

- general directions for allocation of media funds

- annual reports

- hiring of faculty and academic librarians

- promotions to senior academic positions

- major research projects, and other major tasks or investments involving substantial resources over longer periods of time.

The library board has eight members, inclusive alternates, which are selected as follows:

- four representatives for academic staff from the faculties

- two representatives for library staff

- two student representatives


All members, except the student representatives are appointed for a period of three years. Student representatives are appointed for one year. Although re-election is permitted, members cannot sit for more that two consecutive periods.

Agendas and minutes from the board meetings are currently available in Norwegian only.