UNESCO Chair: Sustainable heritage and environmental management
SDG215: Life on land

Sustainability on the agenda at BIO's annual Student Poster Symposium

On May 16 BIO held its annual Student Poster Symposium, inviting students from seven different courses to present their work and exhibit posters. One of the courses participating in the poster symposium was SDG215: Life on Land, taught by Inger Måren.

Sustainable Forest Management - Can Consumers Make an Impact? By Hannah Brodie and Emma Holmback
Silje Östman
Conserving Mara Naboisho; A Step Towards Reaching all the SDGs? By Qin Xuan How, Nicholas Strand Kvale, Lok Yi Lam, Celine Linea Rasmussen, and Ragnhild Svensen Stokka
Silje Östman
Greenhouse gas emissions from bread waste in Norway. By Julie Christoffersen, Rishi Goel, Selma Thorland Gotaas, and Julia Noppeney
Silje Östman

Main content

Six posters were presented by SDG215 students on varying topics related to sustainability on land. All posters gave the impression of being thoroughly prepared and researched, and the presentations and hard work by the students was impressive!

The topics of the different SDG215 posters were

  • The sustainability of Norwegian "cabin culture"
  • Sustainable forest management, and the potential impact of consumers
  • Deforestation in the Amazon
  • Greenhouse gas emissions from bread waste in Norway
  • The threat tot emperor penguins due to climate change related habitat loss
  • Conservation of Mara Naboisho in Kenya


Click here to see all the posters in high-quality resolution, and read the connected papers.

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