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Result of election 2021

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The result in the election of members to the University Museum Board



On June 17, 2021, the Election Committee at the University Museum approved the election of employees to the University Museum Board.


Group A, Dept. of Cultural History:

Member: Knut Mikjel Rio

Substitute members:

  1. Trond Lødøen
  2. Anna Wessman
  3. Knut Andreas Bergsvik


Group A, Dept. of Natural History:

Member: Aino Laila Johanna Hosia

Substitute members:

  1. Hanneke Johanna Maria Meijer
  2. Jenny Else Elisabeth Smedmark
  3. Terje Lislevand


Group B:

Member: Oddvar Heggøy, Dept. of Natural History

Substitute members:

  1. Mathias Blobel, Dept. of Cultural History
  2. Victor Lundström, Dept. of Cultural History


The election was carried out by the University Museum Board as electoral body on June 15, 2021, as the proposed list was specified for member, substitute member 1 and 2.


Group C:

Member: Tor Arne Waraas, Dept. of Cultural History

Substitute members:

  1. Lene Synnøve Halvorsen, Dept. of Natural History
  2. Hana Lukesova, Dept. of Cultural History
  3. Knut Olav Aslaksen, Dept. of Outreach



The deadline for appealing this election is 30th of June at 12.00 p.m., cf. section 15 in “Valgreglementet for UiB”. Any complaints should be sent to the Election Committee, email: post@um.uib.no