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The Cultural History Collections at Bergen Museum has a large collection of archaeological materials and also comprehensive archaeological archives.


The archaeological part of the collections is divided into one prehistoric collection localised at Haakon Sheteligsplass 10 and a medieval collection housed in Bryggens Museum. The collection has a staff of six archaeologists.


Activities include systematisation and conservation of material already extant in the Museum’s collections, and to utilise this for research and public outreach. In addition, the collection obtains material from the yearly on-site inspections carried out by regional county authorities and from excavation activities at Bergen Museum.


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The collection of prehistoric finds consists of material covering a period of approx. 10 000 years. The collection is divided into four separate units: Stone Age, Bronze Age, Early Iron Age and Late Iron Age, respectively. The collections contain finds from the Museum’s foundation in 1825 and up until today.


The special collections unit covering the Middle Ages, is responsible for material dating from approx. 1030 -1536. The collections unit’s offices and main storage rooms are located in the Bryggens Museum. In addition, the collections unit has several external storage facilities to house finds of large building structures at their disposal.


The archaeological collections have their own topographical archive. Information on all national, cultural treasures and finds in the Museum’s district is available here. The archive also contains drawings.


At present, the permanent exhibitions at Haakon Sheteligs plass 10 are the Stone Age, Viking Age and a thematic exhibition of Norwegian rock art. Plans for new, permanent exhibitions covering Bronze and Early Iron Ages are being worked out.


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