University Museum of Bergen

Join us for a journey back in time - to the old farming community

On Sunday you are invited to an exciting experience at the University Museum. We go back to the year 1626, to the little village Litladal in Western Norway.

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Seventeen-year-old Marta is a happy girl who lives in the village of Litladal.  Ever since she was 12, she has been engaged to Torjus, the son of Truls, a farmer with large holdings. In exactly one month, the wedding will be celebrated, and the big farms Soleng and Stautland will be merged into one. Marta has been missing for three days. What has happened to Marta?

Time: Sunday 17 November, 12.00-15.00. Tours start every hour.
Bygdesamlingen (Rural heritage collection), The Cultural History Collections, Haakon Sheteligsplass 10

Come join us for a journey to a different period of time and the mystery of Marta who lives in a village we have named Litladal. Take part in the drama that unfolds in the Rural Heritage Collection at the University Museum of Bergen. Here, you will gain an understanding of a different period of time through acting, negotiations and by meeting different characters. Come and help solve the mystery of the missing 17-year-old. Learn more about the old farming community and the beliefs in the underworld people and witches present in the imaginary world of olden times.