University Museum of Bergen

Bring your mobile phone to the University Museum

New, smart mobile phones have now become extremely relevant as knowledge sources at the University Museum of Bergen. You can now get information about the objects and the topics in an exhibition direct to your mobile phone.

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In the Stone Age exhibition in The Cultural History Collections, the Museum has now started using QR codes for information dissemination. By scanning the code using a barcode decoder that can be downloaded to you mobile phone, you can now fetch additional information about what you see in the exhibition.

All display cabinets are marked with a little symbol which is placed discretely in one of the corners.

What is QR?

QR is an abbreviation for ”Quick Response” which was developed by the Japanese company  Denso-Wave as early as the 1990s.  QR codes consist of strange-looking signs that look a bit like advanced bar codes – an extended version of the codes that you find on price tags in shops.  These codes can be linked to a website adapted for reading on your mobile phone.  

With the help of the QR codes in the Stone Age Exhibition, you can read more about topics like the oldest settlements, work processes, hunting and fishing, use of raw materials, and much more. See http://universitetsmuseet.uib.no/nettutstillinger/steinalder/qr/

Bring your mobile phone and visit us in the days before Christmas and the days between Christmas and New Year’s Eve in The Cultural History Collections.