University Museum of Bergen

Right on Target – Archaeology Activity Day at the University Museum of Bergen

Become an archaeologist for one day. Learn more about life in the Stone Age and the Viking Age. Try being a hunter and forming a phalanx like a real Viking. Next Sunday, the University Museum of Bergen hosts Archaeology Day.

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Time: Sunday 23 October 12.00-15.00
Location: The University Museum of Bergen, The Cultural History Collections, Haakon Sheteligspl 10


You can try out a wide range of activities like:

  • Learn to dig like an archaeologist
  • Try hunting, archery, and spear throwing
  • Taste real Stone Age soup
  • Learn to be part of a phalanx like a Viking
  • Learn single needle knitting “nålebinding”
  • See and learn how to flint knap
  • Guided tour for children in the Stone Age exhibition
  • Guided tour in the Viking Age exhibition


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