University Museum of Bergen

Why are we so fascinated with Ancient Egypt?

Ancient Egypt has been a crowd puller ever since Antiquity, an experience shared by Bergen Museum with its mummies and exhibition on Eternal Life. Why does it fascinate us so much?


The latest issue of Bergen Museum Yearbook contains three articles about Ancient Egypt, Egyptology, and about the Museum Project at Bergen Museum. By viewing the exhibition and reading the yearbook you may experience and immerse yourself in the exciting lives of the ancient Egyptians.

The articles ( in Norwegian) about Egypt may be downloaded, see below. You may also listen to and watch a digital version of Teshemmin’s story. All articles ( i Norwegian)  are available at Yearbook for Bergen Museum 2009.

Bergen Museum’s Yearbook can be purchased for Nkr.150.00 from our online shop or from the museum shops at the Cultural History Collections and the Natural History Collections.