University Museum of Bergen

Cultural Monuments tell their stories

Bergen Museum, Bergen Maritime Museum, and Bergen City Museum invite you to a cultural heritage experience on the occasion of the celebration of the Norwegian Year of Cultural Heritage 2009

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We invite you to cultural heritage walks to permanent cultural monuments in and around Bergen where different specialists will be present to give an account of the cultural monument on the spot.

SUNDAY 28 June 1 p.m. to 3 p.m.

  • The Iron Age boathouse at Stend.

Presented by Asbjørn Engevik

Meeting point: Hordamuseet

  • Excavations for children
  • Cultural monuments of recent date at Hordamuseet; house, boat, objects, and much more.

Presented by Ole Mikal Olsen

Meeting point: Hordamuseet

  • Iron Age food for kids


SUNDAY 23 August 1 p.m. to 3 p.m.

  • Where is Alrekstad; the large-scale farm from the Viking Age?

Presented by Alf Tore Hommedal

Meeting point: Fløenbakken.

  • Viking battle for kids
  • From Alrekstad to Holmen. The king’s estate in Bergen in the Middle Ages.

Presented by Alf Tore Hommedal

Meeting point: Outside Bryggens Museum

  • End of tour: Bryggens Museum

The dates may be subject to change. Further information and registration: publikum@bm.uib.no.

For further information and registration: publikum@bm.uib.no.