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Bargain: Promotional Products at Strongly Reduced Prices

The recently opened online shop of the University Museum of Bergen now offers shopping bags, umbrellas, mobile phone pouches, notepads, and book markers in our two museum shops at much discounted prices!

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As is well known by now, the University Museum of Bergen is the museum’s new name.  Because of the name change, you can now get our fairly new promotional products with the "old name" on them cheaply. What about a spiral-bound writing pad at NOK 35, a shopping bag at NOK 50, a notepad at NOK 35, an umbrella at NOK 65, a mobile phone pouch at NOK 25, and  book markers at NOK 5 ? The promotional products can be purchased in the entrance halls of our two museum buildings. It’s time for a bargain.

Online shop

In our new online shop, you can order more. Here you will find a large selection of books, jewellery, historical, glass drinking vessels, toys, and gift articles. New products will be added in the near future.

Welcome to online shopping at the University Museum of Bergen!