University Museum of Bergen

Unknown Letters from Ibsen and Bjørnson Discovered

In a rather common type of desk in Bergen Museum’s furniture collection, a discovery of unknown treasures has been made.A total of 300 letters from D.C Danielssen’s recently discovered letter collection have now been opened and read through.

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This is interesting material, especially to historians. In the desk approx. 300 letters addressed to Daniel C. Danielssen, praeses of the Museum and head of the natural sciences department during the second half of the 1800s have been found. 

International contacts

Professor Henrik von Achen has made a preliminary sorting of the material which all in all consists of three different parts; in addition to one part containing letters of a more private nature, the second part of the letters deals with his work as a physician and as a leprosy researcher. The third part of the letter collection is focused on the Museum and shows Danielssen’s role as a museum man. The collection of letters will probably yield more information about the extensive correspondence, and Bergen Museum’s network and communication with a world wide scientific community.

Daniel C Danielssen

For more than 30 years, D. C. Danielssen played a vital role in the development of Bergen Museum by in real earnest turning it into a scientific museum performing research and with an international network of professionals. He was also a key contributor in the development of the research environment in Bergen, particularly within the natural sciences. As a chief physician he was also the leading clinician and researcher on leprosy in Norway for 30 years. The urn containing his earthly remains rests in the entrance hall of the Natural History Collections.