University Museum of Bergen

Enjoy our beautiful Collection of Summer Flowers

A sure sign of summer is the sight of summer flowers in the Botanical Garden at Milde. The finishing stage of the out planting is now around the corner.

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The main exhibition of summer flowers can be seen in Solåkeren (The Sunny Meadow) in the Botanical Garden at Milde. These colourful flowers are annuals and they must be renewed every year.  The germination process is resource demanding and the plants take up a lot of space in the greenhouse during spring. The majority has been reproduced by seeds, but some of the varieties are delivered as seedlings. There are also a few perennials. This year’s assortment counts c. 100 different varieties, among them many newcomers. The newcomers may be well-known varieties, but with small variations from earlier years. All the varieties will be equipped with plant labels when the out planting period is over.     

The summer flowers form a colourful floral carpet throughout summer. We hope that the slugs will leave them alone, this year too.