University Museum of Bergen

New waymarkers in the Arboretum

It may be challenging to get an idea of the lie of the land along walking paths and trails far into the woods of the Arboretum. But from now on it will be a lot easier – new signs will make it more attractive for visitors to go for a woodland walk and find their way back again.

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We are now making improvements to the signposting of the walking paths in the Arboretum. We are well under way with the work to set up signposts at the intersections to make it easier to find one’s way, both to the plant collections and the recreation grounds. The work was started this spring with two test posts, and we are now finishing off the main job to make everything ready for the winter season.
The signs are designed in accordance with current templates and standard pictographs for hiking trails. The project has received grants from both Hordaland County Council and the Gjensidige Foundation.
Members of the Friends of the Arboretum have been giving a hand with the assembly operation.