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  • Rossi V. M., Longhitano S. G., Mellere D., Dalrymple R. W., Steel R. J., Chiarella D., Olariu C. (2017), Interplay of Tidal and Fluvial Processes in an Early Pleistocene, Delta-Fed, Strait Margin (Calabria, southern Italy), Marine and Petroleum Geology  
  • Rossi V. M., Kim W., Leva Lopez J., Edmonds D., Geleynse N., Olariu C., Steel R., Hiatt M., Passalacqua P. (2016), Impact of tidal currents on delta-channel deepening, stratigraphic architecture and sediment bypass beyond the shoreline, doi: 10.1130/G38334.1, Geology, v. 44, p. 927-930.
  • Rossi V. M. & Steel R. (2016), The role of tidal, wave and river currents in the evolution of mixed-energy deltas: example from the Lajas Formation (Argentina), Sedimentology, v. 63, p. 824–864.
  • Leva Lopez J., Rossi V. M., Steel R., Olariu C. (2016), Architecture of Storm to Tidal Shelf Sandstone Bodies; an example from Campanian Almond Formation in the Hanna Basin, USA, doi: 10.1111/sed.12279, Sedimentology, v. 63, p. 1651–1676.


Spatial-temporal reconstruction of the Triassic Hammerfest basin fill