Bergen Centre for Ethics and Priority Setting in Health (BCEPS)
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"When Crises Trump Democracy"

A live debate (in Norwegian) with BCEPS Director Ole Frithjof Norheim and UiB colleagues on Saturday 30 January. A link to the live stream recording is available below.

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LINK to YouTube live stream recording

This online event is part of the UiB INNSIKT seminar series on democracy-related topics organised by the University of Bergen and the student organisation, Studentersamfunnet i Bergen.

Leader of the debate:

Ørjan Totland - Professor and Head of Department, UiB Department of Biological Sciences


  • Brita Ytre-Arne – Professor in Media Studies, UiB Department of Information Science and Media Studies
  • Thorvald Sirnes - Professor, UiB Faculty of Social Sciences
  • Ole Frithjof Norheim - Professor and Director of Bergen Centre for Ethics and Priority Setting (BCEPS), UiB Department of Global Public Health and Primary Care
  • Eirik Holmøyvik - Professor, UiB Faculty of Law