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The role of UiB in NORA

This meeting is being organized to facilitate collaboration between UiB researchers and NORA (Norwegian Artificial Intelligence Research Consortium) in the fields of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Norwegian Artificial Intelligence Research Consortium

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NORA was established at the end of 2018, and it became operative on April 1 this year with a kick‐off-meeting in Oslo. On the same day, Dr Klas Pettersen started as the director of NORA, and one of his most important tasks is to get to know all AI and ML-related research environments at NORA’s partner institutions.

As a partner of NORA (www.nora.ai), UiB is organizing a meeting on 21 June 2019 where the university's AI and ML-related research environments present their ongoing work in the respective fields and highlight scientific achievements as well as potential areas of collaboration with NORA.

Presentations will be given by the following departments/centers: Department of informatics (speaker: P. Parviainen), Department of information and media sciences (speaker: M. Slavkovik), Center for Data Science – CEDAS (speaker: H. Hauser), Computational Biology Unit (speaker: I. Jonassen), Department of mathematics (speaker: Y. Li), Center for the Science of Learning and Technology (speaker: B. Wasson), Department of linguistic, literary and aesthetic studies (speaker: J. Walker Rettberg), Department of physics and technology (speaker: Konrad Tywoniuk), and Simula-UiB (speaker: Kjell Jørgen Hole).