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Beyond Oil 2023 - a collective reckoning of the present

-  In the cracks in the system, in the fractures in the wall – that’s where the light shines through, said CET Director Håvard Haarstad at the opening of Beyond Oil 2023, held 17th and 18th of October.

3 women and a male on stage presenting
Closing panel led by Silje Kristiansen with conference art by Håvard Legreid, Leketøys
Thor Brøderskift/CET

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For the fifth time, the Beyond Oil conference gathered researchers from all over the world, all eager to share and discuss their contribution to this year’s theme: refuelling transformation. As a result, the House of Literature in Bergen was filled with over 100 people from 12 countries, with 57 presentations spread across 15 sessions, covering different perspectives and agendas, such as:

Between policy and practice, networks of energy, Local transformations, Perspectives on a Just Transition and Justice and policies in transformation.

Starting with a musical feature from Stephan Meidell, and closing with a spoken word from Aaron Tuckey, the atmosphere was set to be both insightful and inspirational throughout both days. This was captured in a beautiful way by our conference artist, Håvard Legreid.

image of white male performing poetry
Thor Brøderskift/CET

Beyond Oil is a conference with a unique atmosphere that places dialogue at the centre. Beyond Oil 2023 was no different: in between artistic features, panel discussions and keynotes, the participants were welcomed to spread across four rooms hosting paralleled sessions. The sessions contained short presentations at a strict 8-minute rule, followed by free discussions with the speakers. This is where the magic happened - and “the Beyond Oil hum”, as Håvard so accurately described it, could be heard bouncing off the walls at the literature house.

It takes engagement, initiative and trust to make such a conference. Everyone involved played an important role in realizing this year’s edition of the conference. From the Beyond Oil committee planning the programme and logistics, the speakers introducing amazing research and the participants giving their insight and engagement, to Litteraturhuset handling the technicality and Bod24 serving plant-based dinner.

We deem Beyond Oil 2023 a success, a conference to remember for its ambiance, engagement and insightful conversation. Welcome back in 2025!

For a limited time, you can re-watch the plenary sessions here. 

Audience members at Beyond Oil
Thor Brøderskift/CET