Centre for International Health

The theoretical part of Global Health

The first 6 weeks of the course consists of a theoretical introduction to global health. Through the course the students get a good understanding of international health issues and a variety of interesting topics are addressed. The course uses skilled and renowned speakers, and here you can read more about the topics they present.

Main content

Overview and disease panorama
The course begins with an overview of global health, the UN Millennium Development Goals and historical trends in the health field. Then the students go into further details on the major infectious diseases that claim many lives, such as HIV, tuberculosis, malaria, and gastroenteritis. Even pneumonia and diarrhea can have dramatic consequences, especially for children. The students are also presented with global perspectives on health problems and non-communicable diseases, such as nutrition, maternal health and mental health. The students are also introduced to diabetes and cardiovascular diseases which are very common in rich countries and increases at high rate in poor countries.

Community Medical aspects
The public health aspects of global health is also very important. Among other issues the students will study how being poor affects the chances of staying healthy and also how the economy affects the health services of a country. In addition, the lecturers present various cultural factors that can both promote health or might increase the risk of disease. It is also underlined that ethics and an awareness of priorities are indispensable to provide adequate health care for the population.

Health services in conflict areas
Health care services are important not least in difficult situations and conflict areas, and the lecturers will show examples of how to proceed in order to provide this.

Before the students visit the field they get a course in examination techniques, so that the field visit can also enhance clinical skills.

Examination and form of assessment
Students will write an assignment about a topic of their own choice and will present and discuss it in plenary in Bergen at the end of the semester.

Read more in the course description for Global Health and if the theoretical part is needed as a separate course without field visit; see Global Theory.