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Bilde av metrostopp i Paris

To follow the history of the French language is like following the political and cultural history that has inspired governance and ideologies aroundt the world. Through the study of the language you will get an insight into the tension between rationalism and passion, individualism and global commitment.

Studies coordinator: Sonja Cecilia Lagerwall

Student advisor: Gita P. Rongevær

Exam administration: Gita P. Rongevær

The study of language and literature is closely linked. A good command of the language is necessary in order to understand the literary works, and an indepth knowledge of a representative variety of texts is a prerequisite for a nuanced understanding of the French language. This is why the interplay between these two disciplines is a fundamental part of the programme. The research interest of the French section span such themes as scientific use of language, the exchange between the natural sciences and literature, theory of the novel, lexicology and the formation of identities in the Caribbean.


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Illustration used in article about Spanish language in Latin America in the UiB magazine Hubro.

The power of language

The language of the media separates poverty from its true causes. This is the basis of a new research project at UiB.

Bachelor programme in French

The University of Bergen does not offer any Bachelor's degree programmes taught in English. Admission to undergratudate studies require proficiency in Norwegian.

Bilde av Eiffeltårnet i Paris

Programme Board for French 

7 weeks course at the Franco-Norwegian Study Centre in Caen

Projet de collaboration: UiB & UQAM    


Did you know that ...

A hundred years ago, having French maids was a symbol of status in Norway.