Estate and Facilities Management division

Organization and responsibilities

The Estate and Facilities Management division shall through planning and daily management ensure that the University of Bergen and other connected businesses’ requirements for space, buildings, technical building infrastructure, outside areas and the operation of these are met.

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The department’s areas of responsibility

The Estate and Facilities Management division is responsible for the management, operation, maintenance and development of all the university’s buildings, technical plant and outside areas.

Additionally the department carries out a number of services for UiB students, employees and the public - for example post and transport services, administration of access cards, rental of premisses, rental of welfare cabins, parking etc.

About the department

  • The department forms part of the central administration of UiB
  • The department is managed by the property director and is organised into Operation, Project, Professional support & Staff, Larger efforts.
  • The department has approximately 100 employees in full and part time employment (approximately 95 FTEs)
  • The department has competent employees in a number of technical areas and they have their workplace in a variety of places within the university area.
  • The administration is located at the 5th floor in Nygårdsgaten 5, while the operational units are located within their operational areas
  • The department manages UiB’s own buildings, and also some of the leased areas.

The responsibilities of the sections


  • Plans, maintenance of buildings and outside areas, including operation, maintenance and renewal of technical installations in order to generate the best possible working environment, (telecommunications, data and AV equipment are the responsibility of the IT department.)
  • All the buildings are divided into 4 geographical operational areas. Operational areas 1-3 are located at Nygårdshøyden and area 4 at the Årstadvollen/Haukeland area. The operational areas are managed by a property manager who reports to the Section Manager Operations. In each of the operational areas there is a maintenance manager and an operational manager reporting to the property manager.
  • Operation and follow up of internal cleaners and external cleaning service deliveries in the buildings of UiB.
  • Handling of internal and external post
  • Removal assignments at UiB, including small material assignments such as installation of shelving etc.
  • Operation and maintenance of the outside areas of UiB.
  • Responsible for fire and safety work at UiB.
  • Responsible for access checks of buildings and access cards for employees and students.
  • Technical coordinator when Statsbygg is the owner/project manager.


  • Planning and management of area and property management in accordance with the management decisions adopted by the University Board or the University Director.
  • User contact for larger rebuilding and maintenance projects, as well as removal processes.
  • Plans and has project administrative responsibility when modernising, rebuilding, renovating and improving the buildings, outside areas and technical installations, more closely defined maintenance of buildings.
  • Planning the interior, furniture and larger equipment purchases for UiB’s buildings and leased premises.
  • Participates in projects where Statsbygg is the builder / administrator

Professional support & Staff

Professional support

  • Maintenance, development and updates of O&M (Management, operation, & maintenance system LYDIA)
  • Drawing database (LYDIA) - technical drawing, development BIM / 3D
  • Maintenance - condition mapping, maintenance planning, follow-up, support to the operating areas, some project implementation
  • ENØK engineer - initiates and coordinates ENØK measures at the department and UiB, operations / project guidance, reporting
  • Environmental coordinator at the department
  • Cultural Heritage - management plans for protected / protected buildings, shelters and protection in measures, support for project managers
  • Coordination of the purchasing and agreement work at the department


  • Desk, handling post and the archive at the department
  • Rental of guest accommodation, cabins, canteens, teaching rooms, garage spaces
  • Internal management of finance
  • Internal follow up of HR cases
  • Facilitation for internal HSE work
  • Information and communications

Larger efforts

  • Coordinates UiB's largest in-house construction projects
  • Development of building measures related to the cluster initiatives at UiB
  • Master plan for property