Estate and Facilities Management division

About the Estate and Facilities Management division

The Estate and Facilities Management division shall through planning and daily management ensure that the University of Bergen and other connected businesses’ requirements for space, buildings, technical building infrastructure, outside areas and the operation of these are met.

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The department’s areas of responsibility

The Estate and Facilities Management division is responsible for the management, operation, maintenance and development of all the university’s buildings, technical plant and outside areas.

Additionally the department carries out a number of services for UiB students, employees and the public - for example post and transport services, administration of access cards, rental of premisses, rental of welfare cabins, parking etc.

Facts about the department

  • The department forms part of the central administration of UiB
  • The department is managed by the property director and is organised into Operation, Project, Professional support & Staff, Larger efforts.
  • The department has approximately 100 employees in full and part time employment (approximately 95 FTEs)
  • The department has competent employees in a number of technical areas and they have their workplace in a variety of places within the university area.
  • The administration is located at Christies gate 13, 5th floor, while the operational units are located within their operational areas
  • The department manages UiB’s own buildings, and also some of the leased areas.