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Cycling World Championships and the University of Bergen

From September 16th.-24th. the UCI Road World Championships are being held in Bergen. This will have implications for access to and from places of work and study for staff and students at the University of Bergen.


Logo for sykkel VM med teksten 2017 Road world championships

UiB encourages all staff and students to familiarise themselves with how to get to and from their places of work and study during this period. A general recommendation is to get to and from work by using public transport, walking or cycling - and to allow plenty of time!

Keep an eye on these pages, which will be regularly updated in the lead up to the event:

Bergen city centre will be closed for through traffic with no motor access at any time on all the days. Throughout this period, there will be buses into Bystasjonen from all parts of the city. Bergen Light Rail will also run normally, but the last/first stops will be Nonneseter/Bystasjonen. Haukeland University Hospital will also be inaccessible to private vehicles between the hours from 08.30 to 19.00. A separate bus route between Haukeland and Bergen bus station will ensure access to the hospital for employees, patients and their families.   

Please note that motor traffic will also be affected on the days before and after the event.

Other implications for the University's activities and operations

We encourage that seminars, lectures, conferences or other major events are not planned for the period from September 16th - 24th, 2017. There will be considerable challenges associated with transport both in and out of the centre, as well as with accommodation opportunities throughout Bergen.

It will also be possible, in dialogue with your immediate manager, to organise working from home for the week that the cycling championships are being held. Agree also with your immediate manager any need for increased flexibility in working hours for school or nursery runs.