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Follow-up of framework agreements

The follow-up of framework agreements is of great importance. Framework agreements give UiB the power to influence the supplier.

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Faults and defects

Complaints and other follow-up of call-offs under a framework agreement an be made directly to the supplier. Contact the responsible procurement officer if the supplier does not respond.

Responsible procurement officer

The Procurement section is responsible for the follow-up of most framework agreements as such. The responsible procurement officer follow up on deviations and price adjustments, arrange status meetings with the supplier and follow-up on specific contractual terms, such as terms of pay and working conditions, and terms concerning the environment. Some framework agreements are followed up by a technical department in cooperation with the Procurement office (e.g. the IT department or the Estate and facilities management division).

Supplier impact

Due to their long duration, framework agreements generally give UiB a stronger bargaining power than agreement of individual purchases. The UiB can use this power to influence suppliers to attend to human rights, worker's rights, and to pursue sustainable development and environmental standards.

Environmental responsibility

Minimizing the environmental impact of public procurement is an important public goal. If goods are delivered with excess or incorrect packaging, please contact the responsible procurement officer so that the supplier can be made aware of the issue and improve.