Employee Pages

Profile Page on uib.no

The profile page contains personal data (name, position, affiliation and contact information), a picture, publication data gathered directly from CRIStin and key words that describe the person's fields of expertise and research and work methods.

Main content

Every employee has a profile page on uib.no.

People searches are among the most frequent searches at uib.no. Improved profile pages therefore contribute to making UiB's core activities more visible.

How to improve the profile pages

Photo: We suggest using a profile photo in high resolution. If needed, book a portrait photo session

Research: We suggest that the information in this field is consistent with the text from the SFF application. We recommend putting in Selected publications to highlight the most relevant publications. If you link to a CV document, make sure it is updated.

Teaching: Check that this information is updated, and link to the page of each “Emne”.

Publications: Double check that Selected publications are showing the most relevant publications.

Communication: Add this heading and give a list of science communication to a general public, such as interviews in mass media, films and videos, etc. Add links to the listed media coverage.

Qualifications: Add short information about education including PhD.

Current projects:  Add links to the listed projects if available.

Social media: If your social media accounts are relevant to your work, link to these accounts from your profile page (e.g. twitter, blogs, research gate, academia).

Norwegian version: We recommend that all information is translated into Norwegian and added to the Norwegian profile page.