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Election 2024 - University Board

Candidate Emil Stautland Perron

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A burning commitment to research and academia has led me to get to know the University of - my hometown - Bergen very well over the years. My name is Emil Perron, I am Norwegian-French and live in Bergen. Today I work as a PhD candidate (doktorgradsstipendiat) in French at the Department of Foreign Languages, and I am a candidate for group B to the University Board.

Good insight into the institution's challenges, based on several years of study experience and research, as well as fundamentally important work experience from dialogue work in my previous workplace and valuable experience as a board member to various organizations have prepared me for this wonderfully exciting position.

With knowledge of several languages, including French, English, Spanish and Italian, I aim to maintain good contact with the very diverse staff at UiB and both raise, promote, argue and work for important issues that affect the temporary academic staff from both Norway and abroad in teaching and research positions at UiB.

Decisions made at the University Board - the highest body at the University of Bergen - affect all employees, including - to the highest extent - employees in group B. Through decisions on strategies for education, research and more, it is important to have a clear voice in the room that can speak up on behalf of temporary employees in teaching and research positions.

We are constantly reminded of our own uncertain future prospects and in academia there are few guarantees. This reality can be quite challenging, but with good experience from the university's many entities, including the Department Councils of IF and FoF, I bring with me important insight into the specific challenges we face today and in the near future: Which include, but are not limited to, securing rights, uniting the conditions for future work, facilitate the integration of foreign researchers and humanizing the bureaucracy.

My study background consists of a bachelor's degree and a master's degree in philosophy from UiB, with Erasmus exchange to England and Italy, in addition to a master's degree in human rights and democratization from Italy and Ireland, as well as study credits from several other faculties. I also have valuable work experience as a former research assistant and now as a PhD student. UiB is a wonderful institution in many ways, which I have had the pleasure of getting to know well over many years and which I want to see become an even better workplace for our many and valuable temporary employees from both Norway and abroad.All of the above, both my experiences and values, are also the most genuine expressions of my motivation to contribute to making good and important decisions. By casting your vote in the election, you participate in setting the course in the coming year. I hope you will vote for me as I aim to be a sensible voice encouraging lucid dialogue at the University Board.