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The Equality Committee

The committee's job is to advise the University Board on equality issues, present proposals concerning measures, and assist with drawing up plans.

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UiB was the first university in Norway to establish an equal opportunities committee as early as in 1973. Since then the committee has prepared several equal opportunities action plans, the latest is Action plan for diversity, inclusion and equality 2023-2025 (NO).

The committee shall promote real equality at the university in relation to all the bases of discrimination that are protected by the discrimination legislation. The committee has the status of a special committee, is appointed by the university board and follows the university board's term of office. The committee shall assist the university board in equal opportunities issues, offer suggestions for measures and assist in the preparation of plans, receive enquiries and offer advice to groups, individuals or bodies within the university. The committee also has the right to access information and express an opinion on employment matters, and may comment on curricula and establishment of new subjects.