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How does changes in leadership positions affect staff attitudes?

Zuzana Murdoch co-authors a new article looking at how staff attitudes are affected by changes in top leadership positions.

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Professor Zuzana Murdoch at the department of administration and organization theory has with colleagues from the University of East Anglia (Sara Connolly and Hussein Kassim) and BI Norwegian Business School (Benny Geys) published an article in PAR (Public Administration Review) titled “Follow the Leader? Leader Succession and Staff Attitudes in Public Sector Organizations”

How are staff attitudes affected by leader succession in public sector organizations? The authors argue that top leader succession may influence staff attitudes, particularly when new leaders are “outsiders” and/or subordinates interact regularly with their leaders.

Their data collection is two rounds of survey data from staff members in the European Commission collected in 2008 and 2014. This is then analyzed to see whether and how staff members attitudes are affected by leadership changes within the organization.

To read more about the article – you can read it HERE.