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Bergen Exchanges 19-23 August

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Save the Date!

The 2024 Bergen Exchanges takes place on 19-23 August and you are all invited.

You should all find lectures, roundtables and other events of interest. The central topics this year are Autocratization, democracy and resistance in its diverse manifestation across the globe, and Indigenous peoples and the law, focusing in particular on the intersection with climate change and green colonialism. There will also be events discussing a range of other issues at the intersection of law and politics: Transitional justice, Inequality and inclusion, Decolonization, Gender and Sexuality, Reproductive Justice, Artificial Intelligence, Health, Child rights, and the future of international human rights.

We will also celebrate 10 years of LawTransform - the CMI-UiB Centre on Law & Social Transformation, which hosts the Bergen Exchanges - and we will do so by discussing research agendas for the next decade.

Please join us at Kulturhuset on 19 and 20 August, in Universitetsaulen 21 August, and in Bergen Global 22 and 23 August.

For more information on the Bergen Exchanges and the evolving program see the LawTransform web page.
And if you have projects or other ongoing work that you think we should include please contact Siri (Siri.gloppen@uib.no) or Lara (lara.b.cortes@uib.no).