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Admission to the PhD program at Faculty of Humanities

Admission requirements are based on the regulations and rules of University of Bergen

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Most PhD candidates at UiB are employees in PhD positions. At Faculty of Humanities, employment as PhD Fellows and admission to the faculty's PhD program are handeled in one and the same process. After employment as a PhD Fellow, the candidate does not need to apply for admission the faculty's PhD program in a seperate process.

Others, such as research fellows and employees in recruitment positions from other institutions, must apply to the faculty for admission to the PhD program. To be admitted the applicant must meet formal requirements regarding funding, qualification and project plan.


All applicants without a PhD fellowship at Faculty of Humanities, such as PhD fellows and employees in recruitment positions at other institutions (including other faculties and departments at UiB) must have secured funding in advance. The funding must cover the whole training periode, both living costs and costs related to the research project. It is not permissible to apply for admission on the basis of private funding.

Formal qualification

The applicant must, as a general rule, have a five-year master's degree, in line with the requirements of the National Qualifications Framework for Lifelong Learning (NKR), 2nd cycle. The applicant's master's thesis must have a scope of at least 30 credits, and the grade for the master's thesis must, as a general rule, be B or better.

Project plan

The application must contain:

  • a plan for the project that includes a clear presentation of the scientific project, including research background, main issues, theory, method, and ethical aspect where relevant
  • a timetable for implementation with milestones and stays abroad
  • a scheduled plan for the trainingpart
  • a financing plan

Other requirements

As a general rule, the faculty will practice residency requirement.

For more details and requirement for documentation, see the PhD program itself.