Faculty of Humanities

Procedures for appointment to academic positions at the Faculty of Humanities

Revised August 2015.

Advertisement textResponsible
The department will send a draft advertisement text and description of the position to the Faculty in Nynorsk and English. An explanation must be provided for appointments to temporary positions.Department
Drafts must be entered into ePhorte as N-notat (N-memo), and a new case will be opened for the position that will be advertised. It is important that the source of funding is explicitly stated in the transmittal letter, for example vacant position after XX, deputy position for XX, or externally-funded project from NFR etc.  Department
The HR-officers at the Faculty administration have the templates for advertisement texts. 
When an advertisement text has been approved by the Faculty, it will be sent to the trade unions and the gender equality adviser at UiB, as well as a justification of temporary appointment, if applicable. They will have 3 days to submit remarks. The trade unions may call for a discussion regarding placement on the pay scale.Faculty
The advertisement text will be published electronically in Jobbnorge: http://www.jobbnorge.no. The HR officer will generate a listing for Bergens Tidende (BT) that is published in the Sunday edition of the newspaper. The position will also be made public to NAV via Jobbnorge.

The Faculty will cover the costs of publication in Jobbnorge and a listing in BT. The Faculty will not cover the costs of publication of positions for externally-funded projects.
English-language advertisement texts will be published through the European portal EURAXESS via Jobbnorge.Faculty
If there is a wish to publish the position in other journals, newspapers and Web sites, the Faculty may request a quote from Jobbnorge. The department or project must cover costs of such advertising.Faculty
Processing applications 
Applicants will send the application, CV, publication list and appendices electronically via Jobbnorge. Depending on the type of position, a copy of the publication list and the academic publications and/or artistic works must also be sent to the department (or possible adjustment for full electronically application on agreement with the Faculty).Applicants
Confirmation of application received 
Applicants will automatically receive confirmation of reception of the application. Applications that are withdrawn prior to the application deadline shall be removed from the system, either by the applicant or the HR-officers. Applications that are withdrawn will be registered automatically in Jobbnorge. The department and Faculty must update each other, if any applicants withdraw.Jobbnorge
Public list of applicants 
The department will send the public list of applicants to the applicants after expiry of the application deadline. The list of applicants will be enclosed with a letter regarding the further processing. The letter will be generated in Jobbnorge, which contains appropriate letter templates.Department

The public list of applicants and the expanded list of applicants must be added to the case in ePhorte.

Note that Jobbnorge has three lists of applicants:

1.    Public list of applicants
2.    Expanded list of applicants
3.    Case officer list (for internal use only)

In Jobbnorge, applicants may ask to be excluded from the public list of applicants. Such requests must be assessed by the department. There must be weighty grounds for such exclusion. The general rule is that all applicants belong to the public record. In cases of doubt, the department must contact the Faculty.

Also note that the applicants have party rights pursuant to chapter 5 of the Public Administration Regulations, and may therefore ask for a copy of the expanded list of applicants.
Appointment of an expert committee 
Before the department submits a proposal for composition of an expert committee to the Faculty, the department must ensure that an assessment is made of the members' (or special experts if any) impartiality – in collaboration with the Faculty if necessary.

The "Provisions regarding impartiality and trust" and a declaration of impartiality must be sent to potential committee members, who will sign the declaration and return it to the department. The declaration of impartiality must be sent to the Faculty.
The composition of the committee is regulated in “Regulations for appointments to academic posts and academic/administrative management positions,” section 6.2.1, 7.3 and 7.4. 
The Faculty will appoint the committee and send notification to the committee members, with a copy to the department. The Faculty will give the committee members access to the application in Jobbnorge. Information about access and a user guide will be sent to the members in a dedicated email.Faculty
The Faculty will send information about the committee's appointment to the applicants via Jobbnorge.Faculty
The department will send the list of publications and academic publications/artistic works directly to the committee members (does not apply to full electronically applications, after agreement with the Faculty).Department
Statement by the expert committee 
The committee will send its statement to the Faculty, with a copy to the department. Head of the expert committee and Head of Department have a joint responsibility to ensure that all applicants have got an equal review as possible.  Committee

The statement/report gets filed. The Faculty makes an administrative quality check on obvious errors/mistakes in the expert statement, for example that all applicants have been reviewed; pedagogical qualifications have been reviewed etc.

The statement will be sent to the applicants via Jobbnorge, with a 2-week deadline for remarks/comments. If the Faculty/recommending authority have comments on the expert statement, and require a supplementary statement, the applicants will be notified.

Any remarks from the applicants will be sent to the committee for a reply.

The committee's reply will be sent to the applicants via Jobbnorge.

The Faculty and the department will determine whether any remarks from the applicants and the committee's reply to them have such an impact on the committee's conclusions to warrant asking the committee to provide general, final remarks.

Remarks and replies shall be entered into ePhorte.

The expert statement and any remarks and responses may first be made known to the public when the case has been sent to the recommending authority. Requests for access must be directed to Document centre 5. 
Trial lecture and interview 
The department has the authority to decide whether to appoint a joint committee to assess the trial lecture and interview or whether it wants to appoint two committees. Head of Department and/or the closest superior for the position shall participate in the interview committee. Same person of authority shall participate in the trial lecture or other trials/auditions.Department
The department will call and carry out the trial lecture, or audition, and interview. See "Guidelines for trial lectures and interviews prior to appointment to academic positions at the Faculty of Humanities" on the Faculty's Web site.Department
The Faculty will cover the costs of travel and accommodation at the lowest price for candidates called in to an interview.Faculty
The Head of Department's recommendation 
After completing the trial lecture/audition and interview, the Head of Department will write a recommendation that will be sent to the Faculty for final review by the Faculty Board or the Faculty's Appointments Board.

The recommendation will be based on the job advertisement text, the applications, and the statement by the expert committee, any remarks by the applicants, and statements by the members of the trial lecture/audition committee and the interview committee. Upon appointment to a permanent teaching position, the department must have clarified whether the applicant has adequate basic pedagogical competence for the position. If there are applicants of both genders shall it be assessed whether some applicants are almost equally qualified, cf. section 6.3.1 in “Regulations for appointments to academic posts and academic/administrative management positions”.  
3 ranked applicants are usually recommended if they are fully-qualified.

Note: Upon request, all applicants may be informed of the ranking of candidates for the position. See section 19 of the Public Administration Regulations.

The Faculty's Appointments Board reviews appointments to temporary positions, researcher positions, additional posts and fixed-term positions (not Head of Department). Other positions are reviewed by the Faculty Board.

In order to ensure that appointments are processed in a timely manner, the department must check the current deadlines for submission of issues to Faculty Board meetings.
In cases where there are applicants of both genders, the Faculty will send a copy of the recommendation and the expert committee's statement to the Gender Equality Committee, represented by the gender equality adviser.

The Gender Equality Committee has 3 days to submit remarks.
Appointment to the position 
The Faculty will send an offer letter once the appointment has been formally approved. For appointment to positions in at least 50 % of a full-time position, the offer letter will state whether the employee has approved basic pedagogical competence or whether the person must complete the university teaching programme.Faculty
For appointment to permanent positions, fixed-term positions or temporary positions lasting more than 1 year, the Faculty must send the new employee an excerpt from the Civil Service Act, the general provisions in the Basic Collective Agreement, information about the Norwegian Public Service Pension Fund, and information about credit card.Faculty
In collaboration with the Faculty, the department will make the necessary preparations to welcome the newly-hired employee. When appointing foreign workers, the necessary applications for a tax card and residence permit must be in place.

The Service Centre for International Mobility gives practical information and advise related to international employees:
Department and Faculty
The department will return the academic publications and any other appendices to the applicants, does not apply to full electronically applications (after agreement with the Faculty).Department
The Faculty will notify the applicants via Jobbnorge that an appointment has been made, and that the department will return the academic publications and any other appendices (paper based applications).Department
The Faculty will close the case in Jobbnorge and ePhorte.Faculty
This procedure complies with UiB's regulations for appointments, and the Faculty of Humanities' Web site.