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Waste, radioactive source

Waste from ionising radiation sources

Ionising radiation sources must be disposed of in varying ways depending on the type of radiation source.

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The user is responsible for handling and disposing of the waste in a safe and correct way, taking into account the type of ionising radiation source.

New routines for disposal of hazardous waste, including radioactive waste has been implemented at UiB. These routines requires registration of waste in electronic disposal form at UiB, and registration in "Avfallsdeklarering.no". Only persons responsible for wast has access to "Avfallsdeklarering.no".

Declaration form at UiB:

Waste declaration at waste depot:

  • If the waste is to be stored in Senja, the waste disposal company carries out the declaration in "Avfallsdeklarering.no".
    • Befor shipment the person responsible for the waste room will receive a 9-digit number that must be written on the waste container.
  • To declare radioactive waste through “Avfallsdeklarering.no” you need a user account. Please contact central radiation protection coordinator: Bente-Lise Lillebø

Waste that has been counted as radioactive waste must be sent to a waste reception center at least once a year. UiB recommends that radioactive waste should be sent to a waste reception center in early autumn so that declaration and disposal are ready well before the end of the year.