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Meet people at II - Sachin Valera

- The position offered by UiB was perfectly catered to my research interests, and the project allowed for progression in an exciting direction that would be of personal appeal. Not to mention the opportunity to work at a great institute situated in such a picturesque city!

PhD interview with Sachin Valera, Dep of Informatics


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Sachin Valera is one of several new PhD students at the Department of Informatics. The position he started in autumn 2016 is connected to the research group of reliable communication (Selmer). Sachin has had a good start with his project as well as adjusting well to his new Bergen life:
- Beyond the excellent work environment, I enjoy cycling and hiking. So a clear advantage of being in Bergen is its proximity to abundant outdoor opportunities. From mountains and beautiful scenery on your doorstep, to skiing just a short train ride away.

Sachin was born and raised in London and completed his undergraduate and master’s degree in mathematics at Durham University last summer. This involved a mixture of pure mathematics and mathematical physics, and he really enjoyed working at the interface between the two areas. When we ask him to explain his PhD project, he answers:
- My work consists of understanding how quantum phenomena can be used to encode and process information (analogously to our current computational technology) in a way that is immune to errors. Further areas of interest include, for example, how we might then exploit such methods to enhance machine learning.

Click on the video on top of this page or here, to see and hear Sachin tell more about his research.