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Welcome to Department seminar 19. October!

Ahmad Hemmati

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Welcome to Department seminar Thursday 19 October 14.00-15.00.

Location: Large auditorium, 2 floor, datablokken.

Speaker: Ahmad Hemmati, Postdoctoral Fellow, Optimization Group, Department of Informatics, University of Bergen

Title and abstract: Maritime Cargo and Inventory Routing
Traditionally, maritime fleet routing and scheduling have been done manually by pencil and paper or by using simple spreadsheets or information systems. The planning has to a large extent been based on the planners’ knowledge and experience. Companies with combined inventory management and ship routing and scheduling issues have often handled the routing and scheduling components of the problem separately from inventory management to overcome the complex planning situation.

In this presentation, a multi-product maritime inventory-routing (combined inventory management and ship routing and scheduling) problem is considered in which a heterogeneous fleet of ships transports multiple products from production sites to consumption sites in a continuous time framework. A many-to-many distribution structure is taken into account, which makes it extremely hard to even compute feasible solutions. We propose an iterative two-phase hybrid matheuristic called Hybrid Cargo Generating and Routing (HCGR) to solve the problem.

Refreshments are served from 14.00, and the lecture will start at 14.15.

Welcome to everybody!