Department of Informatics

Offshore wind and informatics

Finn Gunnar Nielsen Prof II at Geophysical Institute UiB. Teaching "ocean energy" (wave, tidal and wind) 30+years experience from industrial R&D within marine hydrodynamics and structures (SINTEF, Norsk Hydro and Statoil)

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Bergen Offshore Wind Centre (BOW) is established at UiB. The ambition for the centre is to mobilize key research activities towards the challenges in the development of offshore wind as a reliable and affordable source of energy. A multidisciplinary approach is used. Several challenges are related to various fields of informatics as e.g. optimization of wind farms, optimun maintenance scheduling, use of large amount of operational data for decision support, machine learning and forecasting, visualization of flow and other data.

In the talk, the recent development within offshore wind energy will be addressed with respect to both volume, costs and technical challenges. The idea and focus areas for BOW will be outlined. Possible challenges within informatics  will be addressed.