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Trial lecture

"Reasoning about Knowledge and Information Change"

A trial lecture by Rustam Galimullin.

Rustam Galimullin
Rustam Galimullin

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This is a trial lecture linked with the recruitment of an Associate Professor in Programming Theory.

Abstract: "In this talk I will introduce the research area of reasoning about knowledge and information dynamics. First, we will consider Epistemic Logic (EL) that allows one to express facts like ‘Alice knows that Bob does not know that she has the ace of spades’. After that, we will look into a dynamic extension of EL with public announcements.  The latter, being arguably one of the simplest information-changing actions, allow one to express a plethora of communication scenarios: bidding in an auction, revealing one's cards in a parlour game, messaging over an insecure channel, etc. Finally, we will consider how quantifying over public announcements shifts one’s perspective from particular announcements to the existence (or non-existence) of an announcement achieving some epistemic goal. Think of Ali Baba’s cave: even though you may know that there is a phrase opening the cave, you may not know which phrase it is. The talk will be, essentially, a gentle introduction into the area, and I will not assume any familiarity with EL or modal logics in general. Time permitting, I will  present some of my current research projects in the greater area of logics for multi-agent systems."