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Four papers at the same conference

With no less than four co-authored papers, postdoc Saket Saurabh at the Department of Informatics has set a new record in at the respected ICALP conference.

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Achieving a new record is not for the faint-hearted, though – there were some tense moments as the notification emails got caught in UiB’s spam filter. “I was sitting together with Daniel Lokshtanov, co-author of three of the papers, waiting to hear if any of the papers at been accepted at ICALP”, Saket tells På Høyden. “But since the email had the word ‘Congratulations!’ as subject, it got blocked by the spam filter.”

The intrepid researchers would not let themselves be stopped by a spam filter, however, and they got into contact with a committee member from Japan, who could tell them that all four papers had been accepted. The next day, the University’s spam filter let got of the notification email, and a new mail a few days later informed them that co-authoring four papers was a new record for ICALP.

The four papers are a result of international cooperation, including cooperation with the University of Tel Aviv, but most of the work has been done at UiB. The titles of the four papers are: Distortion is Fixed Parameter Tractable; Incompressibility through Colors and Ids; Fast FAST; og Counting Subgraphs via Homomorphisms.

Read the full story in På Høyden (in Norwegian).