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Summer Course in Computers

Nerding for Newbies 2014

The Department of Informatics is organising a summer course for prospective students, “Nerding for newbies”. As part of the course, students can learn programming, how to build computers, use Linux, make webpages, use networks, play games and do other typical nerdy activities that are useful for science students. The course is open for prospective and existing science students, and we do not assume any particular prior knowledge of computers.

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About the Course

The course will mostly be held in Norwegian (though all the teachers also speak English). Most of the course information is only available on the Norwegian version of this page.

The course consists of a number of independent modules that run in parallell, targetting both beginners and more advanced students. We use a combination of short hands-on lectures and lab activities. The participants are free to choose what activities to join each day, and we will adapt the teaching to the students' interests and knowledge level.

Lab activities are meant to give practical experience, and takes place in small groups, with the teachers and advanced students from the Department available to answer any questions.

The course is meant primarily as a fun way to spend the summer holiday, and a good way to get to know other new students and older students.


This is a summary – the complete information is only available in Norwegian.

  • The basics of computer use (for students)
  • Using the University's computer system
  • Programming in Python
  • Build your own computer
  • Raspberry Pi, Linux and Python programming
  • Introduction to Statistics and R
  • The Internet, home networks and wireless networks
  • Making web pages
  • Games (Minecraft, Magic the Gathering, etc.)
  • For advanced CS students: Git, LaTeX, electronics, Unity, etc.


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Dates: June 23rd to July 4th