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Visit from University of Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski

On 5-7 September 2017, our Faculty hosted four researchers from the Faculty of Law and Administration at the University of Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski in Warsaw (UKSW). Strategically this visit is meeting the Faculty´s aims to be more visible in international projects in general, but in Horizon 2020 projects especially. The visit resulted in two lectures that are available online (se right hand menu).

Visitors from UKSV
Hosts Malgorzata Cyndeca (left) og Torgeir Kielland (third from the left) and their visitors from UKCW; Zbigniew Więckowski (second from the left), Mariusz Stanik (middle), Mariusz Szyrski and Małgorzata Wojtczak-Wałachowska to the right.
Małgorzata Wojtczak-Wałachowska

Main content

The vistiors from the Faculty of Law and Administration at the University of Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski in Warsaw (UKSW) was Mariusz Szyrski, PhD, Mariusz Stanik, PhD, Zbigniew Więckowski, M.A. and Małgorzata Wojtczak-Wałachowska, M.A. The main purpose of the study visit was to discuss possibilities for cooperation between our Faculties, in particular, prospects for applying for external funding such as EU Horizon2020, EEA Grants and a scholarship from the European Patent Office, EPO. The main fields of interests that have been identified and shall be subject to further research are intellectual property law and environmental/energy law. In this respect, two outstanding experts on EU Horizion2020 from the Division of Research Administration at UiB, Corina Guder and Kristof Vlaeminck, gave an extensive and insightful presentation of possibilities that exist and requirements that must be met in order to apply for EU funds. Both Corina and Kristof will assist us in working on the projects we attempt to realize in the future.

A very relevant part of the study visit was a meeting with representatives for Bergen Teknologioverføring AS, (BTO), that is Bergen’s technology transfer office that supports research institutions with commercializing research, incubation and clinical studies. At BTO, our guests from UKSW could learn more about the management of university-derived inventions in Norway while we could hear more about the management of university-derived inventions in Poland. In addition, Małgorzata Wojtczak-Wałachowska, M.A., held a presentation of her doctoral project: “Public universities in a special purpose company - the principle of creation and functioning for the commercialization of knowledge”, (working title).

During the visit, Mariusz Szyrski, PhD, and Zbigniew Więckowski, M.A., gave guest lectures that were recorded and are available on this website. Zbigniew Więckowski, M.A., elaborated on “Biologic medicines - legal aspects” while Mariusz Szyrski, PhD, spoke about “The new UE Policy regarding the renewable energy sources in the context of the Winter Package and its influence on the internal member state law”. Both lectures considered topics that attracted not only our researchers and students, but also members of EnergyLab from other Faculties.

At the end of the visit, Ass. Prof. Knut Martin Tande gave a presentation of Dragefjellet Centre of Learning and Communication, which is unique not only at UiB. Our guests had also a possibility to visit our Library where they were guided by our librarian Jørn Ruud.