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From Bergen to Shanghai:

Prestigious grant awarded to Ignacio Herrera-Anchustegui

Ignacio Herrera-Anchustegui is granted a scholarship as KoGuan Visiting Scholar in Shanghai. He will pave the way for further collaboration between Norwegian and Chinese researchers in the field of market regulation, maritime law and energy.

bilde av ignacio og shanghai
“I am very excited, honored and thankful for being selected as a KoGuan Overseas Visiting Scholar and receive the generous grant for my visit to Shanghai in 2019”, says Ignacio Herrera-Anchustegui.
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Researcher Ignacio Herrera-Anchustegui at The Faculty of Law is awarded a prestigious scholorship: He will spend three months at Shanghai Jiao Tong Law School, working on a project named “Buyer Power alla Chinese: A Comparative Analysis of Competition Law control of Purchasing Conduct”. 

Herrera-Anchustegui is the first Norwegian visiting scholar at the law school of Shanghai Jiao Tong University.

“During my three months visit I will analyze the Chinese law applicable to buying conduct as part of my continuation on the study of buyer power in competition and antitrust law. I plan to do a comparative analysis on how the Anti-Monopoly Law of China (2007), the Anti Unfair Competition Law (1993) and the case law interpreting these instruments regulate buyer power. And I want to look at the similarities and differences to EU Competition Law and US Antitrust Law”, Herrera-Anchustegui says.

- A door opener

Professor Bjørnar Borvik, director of the Norwegian China Law Centre, thinks the grant may contribute to the consolidation of the relationship between the two institutions.

“Ignacio already has an impressive track record when it comes to international academic cooperation, and his involvement in the Sino-Bergen cooperation will indeed make it more sustainable. In addition, there is a strong interest from the Chinese side to identify new areas and projects on which we can cooperate in the future. With Ignacio onboard, it is possible for us to broaden the scope of the cooperation”, Borvik says.

They hope that this will serve to create stronger academic ties between the KuGuan School of Law and our Faculty of Law through the Norwegian China Law Centre, and to facilitate further collaboration in the field of market regulation, maritime law and energy.

“I also look forward to teach Chinese students on EU market law as well as presenting some of my academic work in different seminars on competition law and energy law”, Herrera-Anchustegui says.