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Tax Law Conference 2023 – Contemporary Issues

The Faculty of Law at the University of Bergen and the Norwegian School of Economics are pleased to invite you to a new edition of the tax conference titled 'Tax Law – Contemporary Issues', which was first held two years ago. We will gather again on October 5th to explore other current topics in tax law.

Tax Law Conference
Tax Law – Contemporary Issues conference will take place 5. October 2023.

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The Norwegian School of Economics (Norges Handelshøyskole) and the Faculty of Law in Bergen are pleased to invite you to the tax conference "Tax Law – Contemporary Issues" on Thursday, October 5, 2023.

The conference takes place during the daytime in Auditorium 2 at the Faculty of Law, located at Magnus Lagabøtesplass 1. It is free and open to anyone who registers. Baguettes will be served for lunch, along with coffee, tea, and fruit.

The speakers include Professor John Vella from Oxford, Professor Eleonor Kristoffersson from Örebro University, Professor Anne Van de Vivjer from the University of Antwerp, Professor Emeritus Frederik Zimmer from the University of Oslo (UiO), Professor Peter Koerver Schmidt from CBS/University of Bergen (UiB), and Associate Professor Henrik Skar from UiB.

Please note: The conference will only be accessible for in-person attendance. There will be no streaming or online viewing options available.

For registration, please send an email to skatterettsgruppen@gmail.com with details about your name and employer/company by Monday, September 25. Late registrations may also be accepted.