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Facilities, infrastructure and working conditions at the Faculty of Law.

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The Faculty of Law has around 130 employees in academic and administrative positions.
Eivind Senneset, UiB

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The UiB Faculty of Law is dedicated to provide the best possible conditions for professional development and research excellence. New employees will be included in the academic community, and have access to a wide range of support services and support schemes. We offer opportunities for professional development within teaching, research, communication and publication.   

Faculty facilities 

  • The faculty’s research groups: Provide regular meeting places for academic discussions and feedback on work in progress and host workshops and seminars for international collaboration within a specific field. 

  • Research support schemes: Support schemes at the Faculty and University level provide financing for travel and conferences, pilot studies, open access publication, and support from student assistants. 

  • The Faculty administration: A professional administration offer specialized assistance and advise with regards to research funding, project management, career development, communication and publication, teaching planning and development, event organization, purchases and travel arrangements. 

University facilities 

  • UiB Competence Portal: UiB offers a wide variety of courses for employees, including courses on language, digital technology, university pedagogy, research management, application writing, open science and data management. 

  • UiB Ferd Career Center: The Career Centre supports doctoral candidates, postdoctoral fellows, researchers and associate professors by offering career courses and career guidance. 

  • International Centre: The university has a specialized service centre for international mobility, providing assistance for incoming and outbound students and researchers. 

UiB Law Library 

The UiB Library has about 1.5 million volumes of books and e-books, and 60,000 current journal subscriptions (of which 44,000 are digital). The library also has open access publishing deals covering several academic publishers. 

The Law Library is located on the 5th floor of the Law Faculty building. The library is open for employees also outside the staffed hours with access card and code.  

The library offers courses and support within areas such as citation and ethics, source evaluation, reference management tools, data management, open access and open data, bibliometrics, publishing strategies, copyright and licenses. 

Working conditions 

  • Normal working hours are 37,5 hours per week, and employees are entitled to 25 working days of annual holiday. According to UiB’s senior policy, more annual holidays are introduced after the age of 60. 

  • The distribution between different work tasks for academic staff in permanent positions is normally: research (46%), teaching (46%) and administration (8%). 

  • Work-life-balance is ensured through access to paid-leave arrangements, flexible work-time arrangements and welfare services (including day-care). 

  • Annual periods without teaching to allow for dedicated research time are appreciated among the academic staff, and researchers in permanent positions are entitled to regular sabbaticals. 

  • Employees can choose between shared and individual offices. 

You can read more about what the University of Bergen offer its employees at Workplace | UiB.  

For PhD fellows

  • An ambitious PhD-programme offered on campus 

  • Individual budget for operating expenses  

  • Practical support from the Faculty’s PhD and postdoc coordinator  

  • Close academic support from a scientific supervisor 

For Postdoctoral fellows

  • An individual career development plan  

  • Individual budget for operating expenses  

  • Practical support from the Faculty’s PhD and postdoc coordinator  

  • Academic support from a scientific mentor 

For Professors / Associate Professors

  • Individual support from a research advisor regarding career development and opportunities for external funding 

  • Funding schemes for travel, events and equipment