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Inspection of support material at the examination

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All support material is checked in the examination room before the examination starts.
Make sure to read the regulations concerning support material and references in these in the faculty’s Supplementary Regulations, sections 3-9, 3-10 and 3-11. You are responsible for bringing the materials you wish to use during the examination, to ensure that the support materials you have brought are in accordance with these sections, and with the provisions on examination support materials in the individual course description.

At the Faculty of Law, the following rules apply:

  • Meet on the premises at 08:10. Support material, stationery, food, drink etc. must be placed on the examination desk and bags and jackets by the wall. Remember to leave your student card on your desk.
  • You have to leave the examination room before 08:30 while the material is being checked. If you bring books, notes, phones ect. out of the room during the inspection, these cannot be brought back in.
  • The check takes place between 08:30 and 08:50. If you arrive late, you must present your books and any other materials for control, and you are not allowed to enter the examination room before the inspection is finished. In such cases, you will not be given additional time.
  • If practical considerations demand it, the check can be carried out after the exam questions have been made available.
  • Support materials that are found to be in breach of the examination regulations will be confiscated. Bringing non-permitted support materials to an examination may also qualify as cheating.
  • Students who have had support materials confiscated before or during an examination will receive a written explanation of the decision from the Faculty. Affected students will be notified as to where confiscated materials can be collected.
  • In cases where cheating is suspected, the student may complete his/her examination, but the paper will not be graded before the matter is settled.
  • If you have questions regarding the inspection of support material, please contact elective-courses.jurfa@uib.no.