Faculty of Law

The Faculty of Law has a new learning and communication centre

Dragefjellet Centre of Learning and Communication will contribute to raising the quality of education and showcase the research activity at the faculty.

Doktorpromosjon, 2015 oppsummering

Summary from the "Doctor Promotion"-project
Dragefjellet Centre of Learning and Communication, by André Kvalvågnes, Knut M. Tande and Øystein L. Iversen

Main content

The new centre's primary aim is to utilise digitalisation to develop the education and academic activity at the Faculty of Law, in addition to actively driving research communication.

"Teaching, research, communication and innovation are the four principal aims of the university. The new centre enables us to drive research communication in a new way, which allows us to reach a wider target group," says Øystein L.  Iversen, Director of the Faculty.

Great ambitions

The Vice Dean of digitization, Knut M.  Tande, has energetically contributed to making the centre a reality. Together with the faculty director,  Tande has worked hard to provide the centre with the necessary resources and expertise that are required to achieve its aims.

"Ever since 2012, the faculty has actively worked for digital education. It started with the recording of lectures, but ambitions have always been to build the skills, knowledge and expertise for something greater, both in teaching and research. We have acquired equipment over time and together with now having the employees to work with digitizing, we now have the capacity and competencies to justify a separate centre," says Tande, and continues:

"Along the way, we have also had input from education experts at the University in Bergen telling us that we are on the right path as far as what we are doing in teaching. We have also been praised for including so many lecturers in the development. It is important to maintain a high level of ambition, where the development receives the strongest possible foundation in the research and education environment. Digitization has no value in itself; it is therefore important that the digital and professional competencies work together for the best possible pedagogy and communication, in line with the opportunity provided by our centre. The digital provides opportunities of which currently, we can only see the contours," says Tande.

Special award

In autumn 2014, Tande received the Law Student Committee's special award for having ensured the podcasting of all lectures, and thus made the Law Faculty a pioneer within digital education.  He also is continually drawn into other academic environments that wish to learn from the faculty in this area. He is of the opinion that in many ways, one cuts off future development if one does not keep up with digital development.

"I see that digital technology provides enormous opportunities if one ensures that it is linked to the academic, and not least to pedagogy. Digital technology in itself is not worth anything, but when you link the academic and digital technology together - and exploit the opportunities inherent in the combination - you will see results," emphasises a committed Tande.