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Better opportunities to get to know Norwegian students

International students will be better integrated with Norwegian students than previously, as the Faculty is making it compulsory for Norwegian students to take a course taught in English.

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In their fourth or fifth year, students in the Master's programme in law can choose elective courses as they wish. Thus far, few Norwegian students have chosen elective courses taught in English. Of the 27 elective courses offered this autumn, 13 are taught in English. Most of the students taking these courses are among the 150 international students on exchanges in Bergen.

From the autumn of 2016, it will be compulsory for Norwegian students who do not go on exchange to take an elective course taught in English, in part to ensure that everyone graduating from the University with a Master's degree in law has some level of skill in and experience of legal issues in English. The new requirement will also help Norwegian and international students meet and get to know each other during courses to a greater extent than previously.

The Vice Dean for Education, Bjørnar Borvik, thinks that a greater mixing of Norwegian and international students will provide students with a new understanding of their own legal culture. Many of the courses are taught by foreign experts who are acknowledged specialists in their field.

– That the elective courses gather students and lecturers with backgrounds from several different legal cultures will open for interesting exchanges during lectures. Thus, students who take their entire education in Norway will also receive international impulses and experiences, and will be able to build richer networks. At the same time, the international students will have better opportunities to get to know Norwegian students, says Borvik.


Translated  by Amesto Translations.