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Digital exams at the Faculty of Law

In February 2015, the Faculty Board decided that digital examinations will become the norm at the Faculty of Law. All examinations at the faculty are now digital.

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UiB uses Inspera Assessment as the technical solution for digital exams. This is a net-based service which supports the implementation of the exam for the students and the academic and administrative processes around the exam.

During digital exams the students use their own PCs. Students who do not have their own PC will be given the opportunity to borrow a PC on the day of the exam.
Before the exam, you need to download and install a secure browser on the PC you will be using at the exam. This browser is called Safe Exam Browser (SEB) and it prevents access to resources on your PC during the exam. You are responsible for the installation of SEB on the computer you bring to the exam before the day of the exam.

Are you going to sit a digital exam?

You will find all the information about digital exams at the Division of Student Affair's website: Digital exams at UiB.